Monday, 14 April 2014

Riven 4.5 Runes Build, 40%CDR PHD certified revolutionary Riven guide, League of Legends 169IQ Genius KoKo does it again! (COMPLEX RUNECRAFTING)

In the latest patch Rito has made many changes to runes, heavily affecting the superior Riven build constructed by the KoKo Senpai himself since almost all the runes used in it were changed.

Old rune page:
9x AD    - Reds

9x Armor   - Yellows

5x CDR, 4x scaling magic resist    - Blues     (vs heavy AD) 
9x Scaling magic resist    - Blues     (vs mixed damage)
9x Magic resist   -Blues     (vs heavy AP)

2x % Life steal     -Quints 
1x AD   -Quint        (if going dorans first, since you will need more sustain than just pot unless you are a plebeian, inn that case go ahead and go 3AD quints with dorans and a pot, see if i care. Just don't cry about elo hell and how your team always feed and prevents you from hard carrying and that you are always the best on your team and that you always win lane but your team feeds too hard, don't call SS, jungler never helps thats why you are not diamond yet right? because of the team right? not because of you running out of sustainability in lane and having to back early giving your lane opponent more XD and gold over you right? nothing to do with the fact that you dont know how to use Rivens passive correctly right? nothing to do with the fact that you keep missing easy CS under tower right? or that you don't look at the map/ ward and then overextend like a maniac without knowing where the rest of the enemy team is right? And surely you are stuck in silver/gold because your team never takes objectives when they can right? not because you don't ping to take a tower to let them know that it can be easily obtained. Right? i mean, Riot pls xD fix thhe matchmaking already! le me le not getting le good team le xD) 
DR;TL: don't tell my therapist about this guide
3x AD                                        -Quints      (if starting with more pots e.g cloth 5pots)

After playing about 500 Rivon games with this rune page which me and my professor had to derive from a very complex quantum biology formula, it is time to make some changes for a brighter past. We must forget our differences from the future, hold our hands and close our eyes. We need to go beyond the second dimension filled with waifus and husbandos whose only intent is to distract us from the reality, and the reality is that there is are new rune-crafting techniques which result inn combinations far more are superior to thew old ways. And so... we begin our journey.

"「役に立たない何もしない。"" -  Miyamoto musashi (1584 -13 June 1645)

New rune page:
9x AD   - Reds        
9x Scaling Armor    - Yellows          (vs AP)
9c Armor   - Yellows          (vs AD)

9x Scaling CDR   -Blues             (15% at lvl 18)
2x Scaling CDR   -Quints           (10% alt lvl 18)
1x AD   -Quint            
                                                                        this plus the 5%CDR from masteries and the 10% from the brutalizer will bring you to 40% CDR at level 18 without having to buy ionian boots allowing you to get mercs which are amazing on riven, making her an absolute beast lategame.
 (I recommending getting them after bruta and BT but ill explain all that in the full Rivon guide), however this will make Rivon weaker early on in the game so you should consider going cloth 5 pots more often and getting the Dolans blade on your first back.

I might make a full guide to Rivon with all the important game breaking stuff like wall jumps and which skins have the best pixels allowing you to reach your full potential with this based champion.

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